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SINMOD i media

Sintef-modeller til oppdrettsnringa VRI-Trndelag, september 2010

Havets profeter Gemini, juni 2011

Climate change effects of marine Arctic ecosystems Meta, Page 6-10. No.4 2011.

SINMOD presented in Chile, May 2012 (in Spanish).

Strmkartlegging i Nordland, October 2012.

Global warming may make the northernmost ocean less productive, not more so, The Economist, February 2013.

The Socio-Economic Relevance of Jellyfish A Study by the Janus Project,, April 2013.

Kommer lakselusa til anlegget mitt?,, January 2014.

Strmforhold kartlagt, Rana Blad, January 2014.

Modelling the threat of the salmon louse, World fishing & aquaculture, January 2014.

Hvordan pvirker lokaliteter hverandre?,, January 2015.

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